March 29, 2008

Immature Attack Website Crosses the Line

A friend emailed me the following link to a website which attacks the Liberal party.

Visitors are asked to watch videos of Dion and other former leadership contenders, such as Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff, and vote on who wins the matchup. The current featured video depicts our Leader's speech following the recent by-elections and Bob Rae's speech following his win.

I think it crosses the line with its attacks on our Leader as well as other members of our united team. This is not a productive dialogue about how best to run and shape our country; it is childish, lame, and immature. Stephane Dion is a strong leader for our party and I am proud to support him and I eagerly await the results of the next federal election.

People who engage in this type of degrading, mean, infantile, and anonymous attacks are not only hurting and making fun of individuals, but hindering the development of a better Canada, under the Liberal Party of Canada

What do you think of this immature website?

March 27, 2008

Proposed Immigration Reform Wrong for Canada

Recently, there has been much discussion about the proposed legislative reforms to Canada's immigration policy. Immigration Minister Diane Finley has proposed that her office should have the authority to direct immigration officers to accept certain groups of types of people. This approach is completely wrong for Canada.

We are a country built by immigrants and their descendants. We ought to welcome newcomers to Canada with welcome arms, rather than seek to limit their numbers here. Newcomers bring new ideas, new innovations, new ways of thinking which add to the value of our existing society. Every immigrant, not just the most skilled or educated, brings a wealth of potential to our country and none should be excluded.

In Canada, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to develop and exercise our potential and contribute fully to our society, and we ought not to exclude immigrants just because they are not yet skilled. Skills can be learned and developed, but passion, commitment, and initiative cannot. We ought not to look specifically for immigrants based on the skills they possess, but rather for their willingness to work and grow here. In Canada, we can become anything we want to be

Canada is the greatest country in the world in which to live. I love being a Canadian citizen and I am proud to welcome immigrants from around the world to our country. By interacting, we can learn from them, just as much as they can learn from us. There is hope and optimism for the future of the planet as we all learn from one another.

I implore you, Minister Finley, do not just accept or reject an immigrant on the basis of their resume, but look deeper into what they can become here in Canada.

March 26, 2008

Buzz Hargrove, Liberal Candidate?

According to the news aggregator website National Newswatch, rumors are circulating throughout Ottawa that Canadian Auto Workers Union President Buzz Hargrove will be a liberal candidate in the next election. Even more exciting is the speculation that he will run against NDP leader Jack Layton in Toronto-Danforth!

I think this is excellent news for the Liberal Party and shows that we are very capable of attracting A-Level candidates to run under our banner. It further reinforces to the Canadian public that the Liberal Party is the only viable party which will actually stand up for hard-working Canadians, like those who work in the manufacturing industry.

The Conservative Government has stood by idly while manufacturing jobs have been weakened, and many have disappeared forever. If only we had a Liberal government in power, these concerns might actually be addressed.

This also sends a strong message that, like the Conservatives, the NDP lack the credibility to protect the jobs that Hargrove represents. Having him as one of our candidates will send a message that the only worthwhile progressive party in Canada capable of getting results on their behalf are the Liberals. The NDP may be vocal and loud, but they will never form the government and pass legislation.

Three Cheers for Buzz Hargrove and the Liberal Party of Canada!

March 20, 2008

Women Deserve Better From Society

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the importance of providing quality, affordable, and accessible child care options for working mothers across Canada, and i was quite dismayed to read the negative comments which this post generated.

The same type of regressive attitude towards women which I was striking out against was the attitude portrayed in the comments.

Women should not feel they need to remain in their homes because they cannot find quality affordable child care. Women should not be made to sacrifice their careers and individuality to raise their children. The nation needs to step up, do the right thing, and encourage women who want to have children and want to have a professional life as well. For far too long, women have been oppressed and kept back from reaching their full potential by society; in order to make up for this wrongdoing we must make significant steps to ensure that the playing field for women in the workforce is levelled. Allowing women to resume their rightful place in the workforce is something that we as a society should be eager and willing to do.

Furthermore, if the government step up and does the right thing, we can rest assured that all Canadian children receive the fullest and best quality learning opportunities. Some working families simply cannot afford to provide their children with educational opportunities to advance their development. These children should not suffer - they have the right to proper early learning and development.

Criticizing a woman's right to have a professional career and the right of her children to top-notch early learning programs is not the type of attitude we need in today's world.

March 19, 2008

Working Women Deserve Better and More Accessible Child Care Options

Today's Globe and Mail has a front page story, "Why more moms do the daycare shuffle" which describes the increasing tendency for mothers to return to full-time work. These women should be commended for their insistence on participating fully in the employment market, and they should be accommodated with better access to quality child care.

The Liberal Party understood these needs, and had worked hard (particularly Ken Dryden) to develop child care options across Canada.

Unfortunately, the Conservative government doesn't value the right of women to be productive members of society with a life outside their home. They scrapped the provincial agreements which would have increased the options and affordability of child care sought by the women interviewed in the article.

According to the Globe and Mail, 68.5% of mothers with children under 16 work between 30-40 hours a week. We need to work hard to ensure that these women don't have to choose between their children and their careers, and the Liberal child care agreements would have gone a long way towards supporting working mothers.

Stephen Harper's government doesn't respect women and it is time for Canada to elect a Liberal government that will!

March 13, 2008

Another Former Conservative Disagreeing with Harper like a Rat Jumping a Sinking Ship

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about Kim Campbell's recognition that Stephen Harper and the current Conservative government are bad for Canada. I encourage you to read it:

Now, Joe Clark has also come out criticising Harper's government. According to Clark, Harper's attitude to foreign affairs and international dealings is "a difficult and potentially dangerous course to follow. There's not a lot of reconciliation in Mr. Harper's makeup. There are issues he's not addressed."

Mr. Clark is entirely right; Harper's attitude on foreign affairs has been overly divisive, obstinate, and wrong. We used to be a nation of peacekeepers and peace-brokers. Now we are little more than the United State's blind following sheep.

Now that Clark has joined Campbell in expressing his reservations about the current government, it really seems like the rats are jumping off the sinking ship that is this government. If former conservative Prime Ministers have a problem with Stephen Harper, it can't be long before he is obliterated in a general election.

March 12, 2008

RESP Bill a Winner

Liberal MPs are constantly thinking for new and innovative ways to make life better for Canadian families. The recent passage in the House of Commons of Dan McTeague's bill is a perfect example of this. It would allow parents to make tax-deductible contributions of up to $5000 per child per year.

This policy would be good for Canadians in the present and excellent for Canadians in the future. Allowing parents to invest in their children today ensures that tomorrow those children will be able to pursue their dreams and become highly educated and productive members of society, which benefits all Canadians. No child should have to decide against going to university or college because the cost is too high.

Although I believe that the government has a great responsibility to invest significantly in the education sector, I believe that we should also make it easier for parents to assist in this as well. Innovative thinking is what we need in Canada and I am proud that this idea came from a Liberal MP.

March 7, 2008

If John Baird Really Cared about the Environment, He Would Actually Do Something About it...

CBC interview with Conservative Environment Minister John Baird. He said the following in reference to the recent critical environment commissioner's report:

"We want to do a better job."


If he actually wanted to do a better job on the ebvironment, Baird would have actually implemented the Kyoto Protocal.

If he actually wanted to do a better job on the environment, Baird would have actually stood up to the oil companies in Alberta.

If he actually wanted to do a better job on the environment, Baird actually listen to environmental scientists rather than muzzling them.

If he actually wants to do a better job for the environment, John Baird needs to resign as Minister of the Environment and let someone competent take over.

March 5, 2008

Conservative Policy on the Death Penalty is Just Plain Wrong

It is completely inconsistent for the Conservative government to oppose the recent death sentence of a Canadian in Saudi Arabia while standing by and doing nothing for a Canadian sentenced to death in Montana. The government has decided to seek clemency for 23 year old Mohamed Kohail; however they refuse to seek clemency or support Ronald Smith, simply because he was condemned by the United States.

This government needs to wake up and stop endorsing everything the neo-conservatives do in the U.S. out of blind loyalty. The state should never have the right to take the life of an individual, no matter how 'democratic' or 'fair' the trial may have been.

While I do support Canadian efforts to spare Kohail's life, I want these efforts to also extend to Smith as well in order to achieve consistency in the Canadian position. The government deserves no praise for only doing what's right sometimes.