February 24, 2009

Worrying about Kinsella

It seems like there is only one thing that can actually motivate me to post these days.

Once again, our supposed War Room genius is making himself the the issue.

First he insults Chinese Canadians. And then he makes the situation worse by engaging in a public slap fight, apparently unconcerned that it wasn't just him getting cut up and dirty in the press, but the entire Liberal Party.

Now, it appears the author of Kicking Ass is getting his ass kicked (again) by trying to intimidate both a respected journalist and a public broadcaster by leveraging his political connections to pursue one of his online sandbox fights into the real world.

Kinsella's (a) ego and (b) temper are a lethal combination for a party that wants to/needs to make Stephen Harper, and not our warroom staff, the issue.

I could care less that private companies want to spend their moneu on Kinsella but I don't want my party throwing another election out the window because we've entrusted our War Room to a frat boy.

February 3, 2009

Is Kinsella slipping?

Oh god, the author of "Kicking Ass" is getting his ass kicked. Didn't this happen to him just before the last provincial election, too?

Kinsella's own rules:

  • Rule #1 for political advisors: never make yourself the issue.

  • Rule #2 for political advisors: when you fight back with facts make sure you've got your facts straight.

Except he's now breaking both of them.

He says here that "I had an email exchange with the Conservative Chinese Association about that. I asked their representative, Karen Sun, what her organization thought about Jason's plan to present a fake award..."

The problem is that Karen Sun is actually seems to be the Executive Director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter - a group that has nothing to do with the Conservative Party.

Warren. Please stop talking about this.

Perhaps Kinsella has simply had a rough month. Or maybe he's just not that good. Sure he won elections for Chretien but Chretien faced a divided right. Ignatieff better have a plan B in case Kinsella flames out totally.

UPDATE (Feb 4): Kinsella has corrected his post to correctly identify Karen Sun as being the Executive Director of the CCNC and not the CCA.