January 17, 2008

Another Harper Minister Needs to Resign (or why not all of them, inlcuding the prime minister?)!

Earlier this week, I joined the chorus of calls for Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn to resign over his improper handling of the nuclear reactor situation in Chalk River, Ontario. It seems that the Conservative Cabinet is filled with nothing but incompetent and mindlessly partisan individuals (including the Prime Minister himself).

Stephane Dion has written a letter to the Prime Minister asking Harper to fire Helena Guergis from her position as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. You can read his letter at the following link:


She publicly discussed the visit itinerary for when Dion and Michael Ignatieff visited Afghanistan last week with the media. Her decision to discuss their security could have engaged their safety and even their lives. Perhaps, that's even what she wanted to do...

It is completely unacceptable for her to have endangered Stephane Dion's life and still remain a minister of the government. She must be punished by losing her position in cabinet.

The Harper government needs to learn that there are some things which are more important than partisanship, such as the safety and lives of others, particularly individuals who they work alongside in the House of Commons every day. Surely Stephen Harper and his minions would rather see Stephane Dion alive than killed by the Taliban. Although, knowing them, that's not necessarily certain...

January 16, 2008

Last week I wrote about the current controversy regarding the nuclear reactor at Chalk River, Ontario and the improper influence by Stephen Harper and his cabinet. Overnight, Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn fired Linda Keen, the head of the nuclear regulatory commission. This is an absolutely unacceptable case of conservative interference into the affairs of an independent government organization.

Gary Lunn does not have the scientific and/or technical knowledge required to make such an important decision. She was fulfilling the mandate of her job to keep Canadians safe from a nuclear disaster, which I personally support.

Stephen Harper's government is very dangerous for Canada and Canadians. We need to know that our civil servants can do their job as according to their job descriptions, not in accordance with the political agenda of the Conservatives!

January 11, 2008

Even Kim Campbell Sees Just How Anti-Women the Conservative Government Is

I just found an excellent new story on the Toronto Star website and I encourage every Canadian to read it! It can be found at http://www.thestar.com/News/article/292944

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell, herself a Progressive-Conservative Premier, has called Stephen Harper on his exclusion of women from his cabinet, especially from high profile ministries. She said that the government was treating women as an unimportant afterthought by not giving any woman a prominent portfolio.

I have long complained to my friends and family about Stephen Harper's hostility towards women and it's very nice to see that important conservative women agree with me. This government has continually acted to impede women in life; for instance, they killed the child care agreement the previous Liberal government had created. Although the Conservative Party may not like it, women have the right to work and have jobs other than raising children and we need to have affordable and accessible child care options. Women are equal and we cannot allow our rights to be trampled upon so easily by our government.

Stephen Harper needs to go. No Canadian Prime Minister should be allowed to discriminate against women the way he does!

January 10, 2008

Why We Need Kyoto

This morning I was walking to my part-time job and I saw something very unfortunate. Traffic had been reduced to one lane in both directions for construction purposes, as it has been for at least a week now. There was a large buildup of vehicles on both sides for the road and traffic was moving very slowly. All this time that each and every car inched along the road, they were spewing untold amounts of greenhouse gas emissions into the air.

surely these drivers ought to have known that the road was blocked off and they ought to have considered alternative transportation methods such as walking, bicycling, taking the bus, or carpooling on order to reduce the traffic congestion. Not only would they have been able to get to work faster, they would have helped protect the environment and limit damage to it. However, it seems like no one actually opted to do so, instead they chose to drive at a snail's pace in environmentally-damaging cars.

Basically my point is that Canadians are seemingly not willing to make the sacrifices required to save their planet on their own. Canada needs the Kyoto Protocol in order to ensure that change actually happens to lower our greenhouse gas emissions.

January 9, 2008

Keep Canada Safe - Fire Minister Gary Lunn!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas/Hanukkah/winter break and a happy New Year!

Although I took some time away from blogging recently in order to relax at home with my family for the holidays, and many days i didn't have access to the Internet, be assured that I am back now and will be sure to give you my thoughts on the important issues with which we are faced in today's world here in Canada.

For my first post-Christmas break post, I would like to comment on the situation which has recently come to light regarding the nuclear reactor in chalk River, Ontario and the Conservative government of Canada. This whole incident was completely mismanaged by Stephen Harper's conservatives who ignored this issue from the beginning! Why were they seemingly unaware of the problems this reactor faced? Should they not have been aware of the issue before it became an issue???

It has recently been made public that Natural Resources minister Gary Lunn had threatened to fire or punish the head of the regulatory commission, simply for doing her job to make sure that any nuclear plant in Canada is safe to operate!! Today, I saw that Liberal leader Stephane Dion has called for him to be fired from his cabinet post for his egregious and offensive actions and I firmly support this course of action. Gary Lunn has no right to attempt to pass the blame onto the regulatory commission when it firmly belongs squarely with him for failing to anticipate this unfortunate situation. He must resign now.

Personally, I am uncomfortable knowing that something so serious and potentially disastrous as Canada's nuclear power plants are under the domain of someone so incompetent and offensive as Gary Lunn appears to be.