January 4, 2010

Far and Wells

I don't want to wade too deep into this little brou-ha-ha that erupted over the weekend, except to say that I think both Paul Wells and Steve V have a point here.

I think it would be hard to say with a straight face that what's coming out of the OLO these days hasn't left most of us out here in the grassroots a little perturbed. I think it would also be hard to say with a straight face that dozens of comments on Steve V's site and Wells' blog regarding this dust-up, on a Sunday afternoon during the holidays no less, is nothing to sneeze at either.

What has failed to be mentioned so far is that the OLO is just in the process of emerging from a full-scale revamp. And our new chief, Peter Donollo, has been away from politics for a couple of years now too.

We can't expect a 10% turnaround in the polls to happen overnight. And we can't expect that a revolt on the OLO will fix anything either.

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