November 12, 2009

Where's Peter Donolo?

You can count me amongst those happy about the move to bring in Peter Donolo. We had begun to drift around for most of the fall without a real focus.

But I have to say, now, where is he?

I'll admit, I thought we could make a winner for ourselves out of the H1N1 vaccination too. The poll out today basically proved me wrong though.

Now we're trying to make an issue out of Remembrance Day? And again it's blowing up in our face.

Mr. Donolo, where ever you are, get up here quick! We need you.


CanadianSense said...

Apparently there is a force in the LPOC and Lib blogs who have no clue what voters want or care about.

By all means continue to talk about "props" and become a party to beat Dion's record.

penlan said...

Donolo doesn't start the job until next week - either Mon. or Tues. That's why we haven't heard anything from him yet.

CanSense making the rounds again trying to change the conversation, as usual. Silly little Con troll.

Kirbycairo said...

How about not "making an issue" out of Conservative incompetence since the media clearly is not playing along with that tune. How about if the Liberals actually try to create a meaningful policy book that will be meaningful to voters instead of just acting like they have a natural 'right' to govern?

CanadianSense said...


usual rounds?

Peter Donalo has already been given the keys to make the decisions. The writing is one the "wall", Peter is allowing some a graceful exit.

The Ian Davey announcement on Power Play was simply pathetic. Ian Davey should have been told in person before the John Manley or the TV audience.

RuralSandi said...

CS.....give it a rest. Do you work for the Cons in the basement?

Donolo offially starts next week, period. It's been on the news. You know it but are just trying to stir the pot. Get a life.

penlan said...

"RuralSandi has left a new comment on the post "Where's Peter Donolo?":

CS.....give it a rest. Do you work for the Cons in the basement?"

You are correct RuralSandi. CS is a paid operative of the CPoC. Paid to bombard Liberal blogs with stupid Con talking points, to distract & break-up threads on the topic at hand.

What a waste of time & energy eh?

CanadianSense said...


You and David Easter share a common trait.

He reminded voters of "door knobs"

You whine and introduce "basement".

“From the Liberal perspective, these results must be deeply troubling. Despite a new leader, and party coffers refilling, the Liberals are not competitive for government at the moment. Frank Graves EKOS

The Liberals, meanwhile, after having enjoyed a relatively stronger spring and summer, are back down where they were in the 2008 election – their worst-ever in history.-Frank Graves EKOS