October 7, 2009

Are we being iffy about tax hikes?

Just before going out for dinner tonight I received this:

OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is gearing up to talk about tax hikes and cost-cutting to slay the country's ballooning deficit. Senior party sources say it's part of a politically risky `adult conversation' he wants to have with Canadians about the painful measures necessary to deal with the debt.

At dinner, a parliamentary friend told me this was deliberate pre-positioning by the OLO. I was thrilled by this sudden – and unexpected – progressive turn from our not-so-progressive leader.

When I returned home from dinner this was waiting for me:

OTTAWA - Michael Ignatieff insisted Wednesday he has no plan to raise taxes, denying a report that he's about to embark on a politically risky ``adult conversation'' with Canadians about the painful measures necessary to eliminate the country's ballooning deficit.

May I politely ask: what the hell is going on and which inmate was running the asylum on Wednesday night? Seriously. Day-by-day we are losing our credibility because of self-inflicted wounds. It’s time to clean house.


A Eliz. said...

Some staffer mentioned it., and the media went ballistic.It was not true, but the media are on the Conservative side.

CanadianSense said...

Must have been the Dion camera staffer?

The media are reporting on the war between Bob Rae and MI camps.

The war is becoming uglier and the media can not ignore it.

A Eliz. said...

Norman Spector blames the media.
Read him in the Globe.