July 17, 2009

Ottawa, we (may) have a problem

Although I strongly support Michael Ignatieff on the economy, social policy and national unity, he was never my first choice during the 2006 leadership race. I worried that he was too far to the right, too “American” on foreign policy.

Now, I am really beginning to worry about exposure on our left flank. The current issue of Macleans contains some very damaging comments by Ignatieff. In particular, he told an international audience that Canada’s peacekeeping record was “bogus”. The problem is, he made the comments in 2005 when WE were in charge. He also said that he was disgusted by Canadians’ “bitching” about the United States and praised George W. Bush as a human rights champion.

In the article, Liberal HQ refused to tackle the quotes specifically and instead forwarded the writer past controversial statements by Stephen Harper.

I’m sorry, but fighting the Tories to a draw on which party is the most pro-American, anti-Canadian is not a victory for Liberals.

Bush-loving, old Reform Party voters are not going to vote Liberal.

There are no votes to be had by occupying this part of the spectrum. We need to neutralize this issue fast.

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Kirbycairo said...

Well, speaking as someone on the left-flank, I think you are right that Iggy's opinions present a serious problem for many people anywhere left of the Conservative party. But of course, as you said that very few diehard conservatives will vote liberal, but on the other hand, many on the left find Harper so offensive that they may strategic vote just to get rid of Harper. But the long term problem is that Iggy really is on the far right of the Liberal party and the Conservatives can work the angle of "Conservative-lite".